Amongst the greatest driving forces of this event is our deep connection to, and respect for the natural landscape which we inhabit. We hope to share this connection with all who share the space with us, and ask only that you show similar respect. Ideally, we wish for the practices established below to be not only exercised during the festival, but taken home with each participant and further acted upon and spread.


Yemaya Festival is committed to a strong emphasis on sustainability in all aspects of the event, with everything from logistics, construction, preparation, and of course waste management being optimised wherever possible to reduce our overall environmental impact. Each single item of waste generated by the event is hand sorted onsite to separate all potential recyclables from general waste. To show support for the intentions of the event, and to ease the load on the devoted waste crew, all we ask is for your help to maintain the beauty of the space and to leave it as we found it.


Tips to reduce your waste:

-   Select products that are returnable, reusable, or refillable over single-use items.

-   Travel to your local farmer’s market for fresher food and vegetables without packaging.

-   Buy in bulk wherever possible, concentrated products if applicable.

-   Choose to buy the item with the least amount of packaging.

-   Shop at second-hand stores.

-   Utilise free exchange sites like Gumtree, Freecycle, and your own nature strip.

-   Use rechargeable batteries in all devices.

-   Learn to creatively re-purpose things you don’t need anymore.

-   When something is broken, try to repair it before buying a replacement.

-   Opt for higher quality and more durable items that won’t break easily.

-   If an item is only needed for a one-time use, try to borrow from a friend.

-   Share any excess foods and drinks to avoid waste and spoiling.

-   Don't buy things that you don't need.


Leave No Trace means leave nothing behind but footprints:

-   Keep your campsite clean to prevent micro-litter spreading.

-   Separate your recyclables from the beginning so that everything remains sorted.

-   Empty and crush all plastic bottles and cardboard cartons to reduce space.

-   Dispose of all cigarette butts, use a personal ashtray or the bins provided. No butts on the ground.

-   Bring a reusable cup and water bottle to cut down on trashed paper cups and plastic bottles.

-   Be water wise as running water is easy to take for granted. Be mindful when using onsite taps.

-   Use the onsite bins, take the time to make sure you dispose of your waste correctly.

-   Take home everything you brought with you.