Public Safety

We work closely with all safety service providers throughout the planning process to ensure that our measures exceed standard requirements in all areas. Our risk management takes top priority with all known incidents discussed at length and contingency plans written into our risk matrix, from a video of a stage collapse in Indiana, to news reports of a person run over in their tent in Rochester, to all the random incidents that we've experienced and heard about over the years.

We instituted several safety policies in our first event which we have built on to better prepare us for any circumstances we may encounter. Amongst the greatest concerns to any event is the risk of vehicle accidents, thus the following rules will be in place:
There will be a 'No Pass-Outs' policy in place for the duration of the event in order to reduce the risk of any accidents onsite, and also to minimise any occurence of inebriated motorists.
All patrons will be asked leave their vehicles stationary after setting up camp until they exit the site, please be mindful in your preparations to ensure that you bring enough supplies for the duration of the event.


DanceWize is a program of Harm Reduction Victoria (HRV). DanceWize utilises a peer education model to reduce drug and alcohol related harm at Victorian dance parties, festivals and nightclubs. Their Key Peer Educators [KPEs] attend up to 15 events per year: hosting a chill-out space; discussing safer drug use with peers and disseminating health resources.
The DanceWize goal is to provide our peers with accurate, credible information through face-to-face discussion or through the provision of resources (which always include information about the harms associated with illicit and licit drug use).
DanceWize KPEs are recruited from the dance party, festival, and nightclub communities and are trained by experts in the field to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to answer questions or to refer peers to other services where appropriate.
The DanceWize chill-out space is not a first-aid facility. The area is used to engage our peers and to look after patrons who might be a little confused or freaking out. DanceWize KPEs use their experience and knowledge to talk them through their moments of confusion. Anyone needing medical attention is referred to First Aid.


As was the case at our previous event, Blow me first will be offering breath testing to all patrons leaving the festival to ensure everyone gets home as safely as possible.
Blow me first is an alcohol education and testing service aimed at empowering young people to make safe and responsible decisions about their drinking. At the core of this service is providing and encouraging voluntary breath testing in a positive social context.
Their service aims to reach young people and inform them of their blood alcohol content before they make dangerous decisions such as drink driving, or other anti-social, harmful behaviours.
The Blow me first team enhances any party experience, with trained, warm and friendly staff there to talk to patrons about drinking responsibly and avoiding drink-driving, also providing transport information to patrons to ensure everyone can get home safely.
The responsibility we have for the safety and well-being of our patrons and crew is something we take very seriously, with a very large portion of our event planning being devoted towards reducing any risks and formulating appropriate responses. We are tremendously proud to be affiliated with the highest calibre of service providers for our medical, traffic, security, site management, and fire suppression services, to ensure the best possible preparedness.

The service aims to educate partons on how to:

•    avoid violent behaviour
•    establish healthier drinking habits
•    encourage their peers to drink responsibly
•    drink responsibly
•    understand the effects of alcohol
•    avoid drink-driving



We have a very specific vision for this year’s event, we strive to create an atmosphere where people are free to explore and enjoy themselves without prejudice. We aim to connect together as a single consciousness of intelligent beings, focused towards a paradigm shift where love, personal growth, social responsibility, sustainable living, and creative expression flourish.
In order to make this vision a reality, we need the help and support of all you beautiful creatures! The energy that you bring into the event has a tremendous impact on the overall vibe, and it is only with the involvement of all participants that we can truly achieve our objectives.
Specifically, substances like GHB and Meth/Ice create a very low frequency resonance which is completely contrary to what we are trying to accomplish. They are also particularly volatile with a very high risk factor associated with their use, and create a liability which has traditionally not been associated with the PsyTrance scene. Thus we would ask all patrons to respect our intentions for the event and leave any such elements at home.
Ultimately, all we are asking of people is to show respect. Please respect yourselves, respect your fellow beings, respect the social environment, and most importantly, respect the natural earth that we all inhabit.