Are we able to change the names for online tickets?

Yes! Please follow the instructions in the 'Tickets' tab above. Name changes are available until midnight 20 April. 


I'm having a ticketing issue. What do I do?

For all ticketing enquiries, contact the Tickets Team at tickets [at] yemayafestival.com 


When do the gates open and when do we have to leave?

The gates open at 12pm (midday) on Thursday 28th September. You must vacate the festival site by 12pm (midday) Monday 1st October. 


What amenities will be available onsite?

Toilets (including disabled access), drinking water, ATM for cash out onsite, and bags of ice for sale at the local Serpentine Footy Club food stall. There will also be an array on healthy and wholesome food and beverage stalls to keep you nourished and a Bazaar.


What sort of music will be playing?

The main stage will feature a seamless blend of all genres of Psytrance from Psybient and Progressive, to Fullon and Night Psy, to Dark and Forest styles. The Ashaba stage will ease your journey with a playful blend of funky Glitch, Electro Swing, and PsyDub during the day, transitioning into more meditative Psybient, Chill, and World Music at night.


Why haven't I received my ticket?

We've had a lot of corrections due to old or unused email addresses being used for the PayPal transaction.
Please be sure to check the email inbox that is associated with your PayPal account.
You can use this regeneration link to resend your ticket.
If you still haven't received your ticket, send an email to tickets [at] yemayafestival.com.


What transport options are available?

Car-pooling is recommended to minimise the environmental impact. There are a few Victorian doof based car-pooling pages on Facebook, though offering to chip in for petrol for a ride on the main event page is generally the best option. We are currently on a transport option - so stay tuned! 


Are children allowed?

Absolutely! Yemaya Festival is a family friendly event, free entry for children 12 and under. Any persons under the age of 18 will not be able to gain entry without being accompanied by a ticket-holding parent or guardian. We would urge all parents to keep young children under close supervision at all times.


Will there be drinking water available onsite?

Yes, we will have fresh drinking water available for patrons. We recommend that you bring a drink bottle (or purchase a Yemaya Festival drink bottle from the festival) to keep with you at all times and a re-usable, re-fillable water container to take back to your camp. 


Is there power available to patrons onsite?

No, the only power onsite is reserved for event purposes. We recommend using solar packs for any power needs.


Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately, despite the fact that even most of the crew have pets, due to the limitations of the permit requirements we are unable to accommodate any pets onsite.