Yemaya Festival would not be what it is without the creative elements that weave themselves into its existence, with this being directly reflected in the strong focus we have placed on the visual elements of the sensory journey. This bias towards décor has been a guiding element in the festival’s development, with the budget’s emphasis greatly placed on the visual arts of sculpture, décor, stage design, painting, performance art, lighting, projections, and lasers. We aim to bring together all of these elements to balance harmoniously with the music flow of the festival to create a truly unique experience.

Our main stage décor design is led by Liquid Love Creations, incorporating contributions from many talented local artists such as Larva of the Butterflies, Captain Carver, Cerebral Xpansion, Conscious Colour, and Sands O'Time.

What drives our creative and artistic direction is the belief that what can be conceived can be achieved... we create our own stories, our own design concepts, and our own worlds. These worlds are surreal and sublime, emotional and intelligent, masculine and feminine. We aim to create a sacred temple space where one can feel safe, nurtured, and reconnect with one’s inner child. Through infinite worlds of creative possibility we plan carefully to bring to you something truly from the heart.



Our family team of décor artists will be returning to weave their magic throughout our playground once again, but there’s never too much art, so we’ve got some plans to boost our efforts but will need some help on this one. We crave more sculptures, décor, and art installations, so we’re calling out to the community to catch the building bug.

A portion of the budget will be allocated to supporting upcoming talent with opportunities to show their skills, with installation art funding available to groups and individuals of 5 x $1,000 and 5 x $500 packages.

The only requirement is to blend wherever possible with the festival’s underwater theme, sacred geometry influences, and blue/green/purple colour scheme, the rest is up to your wildest psychedelic imagination!

If you’ve got something you’d like to share with the world, start drawing pictures, stockpiling materials, and preparing a budget, as we’d love to hear from you!