Four mesmerising days and three luminescent nights of sensory enchantment, showcasing a tremendous calibre of music production talent amidst an abundance of art and creativity. Encompassing the indulgences will be our grand bazaar, healing sanctuary, creation station, live jam space, art gallery, performer's hub, workshops, and live art installations.

The event is named after the Yemaya goddess in the hopes of respectfully paying tribute to the ideals that she embodies, as the nurturing, protective, and loving qualities perfectly match our desires for the event and the energies that the whole crew have contributed towards it. We have been fortunate to receive blessings, performances, and support from initiated priestesses of ceremonies and rituals of Afro-Cuban spirituality at our celebrations, and we look forward to only improving this focus as our opportunities develop.

The primary intention is to create a safe space for people to explore themselves and connect with one another free of judgement amidst only love and positive energy. Beyond creating an amazing sensory experience over the weekend, the emphasis of the festival is towards utilising its amazing potential for good by providing support, recognition, and opportunities for talented audio and visual artists to flourish.

Our vision is to create a truly immersive experience by blending world-class décor with mind-bending audio-visual productions to create a space of wonder for all to explore. We hope to raise standards of best practice wherever possible, placing great emphasis on safe, ecological, and sustainable event management practices. The event is intended to be a truly transformational festival as we aim to promote a community-building ethic, and a value system that celebrates life, personal growth, social responsibility, healthy living, and creative expression. Overall, we hope to utilise the platform to create a positive impact on the world around us by connecting to a conscious, considerate, and constructive way of being.

We are a young festival, yet the crew share a long history of working together across many events, combining a broad scope of experience in all facets of outdoor event management, including amongst many others, décor, stage design, visuals, lighting, and music production. We pride ourselves on having established ourselves from humble beginnings at many smaller events, with the majority of our core crew and regular service providers having grown and developed alongside us.

We take great contentment from the energy which has come to characterise our events, and are tremendously humbled by the positivity and love that our devoted followers consistently bring to the space. We rely heavily on our guests to help us create an atmosphere which encourages respect towards the natural earth and our fellow beings upon it. Our infinite gratitude goes out to all of those who have contributed their presence to make Yemaya Festival what is has become! Thank you all, till next time… :)